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TortVideo has spent over 30 years perfecting its production methods.

“Day in the Life Videos” 
A fundamental mistake that our competitors make is not meeting with the plaintiff in their home prior to the shoot. This face to face is extremely important for many reasons. Having strangers come into the home and film the most intimate details can be unsettling. Taking the time to answer all of their questions helps put them at ease. In addition, the home needs to be surveyed for lighting requirements, cleanliness, tidiness, proper wardrobe, and any potential production problems. The attention to detail in capturing the plaintiff and their surroundings is crucial for a successful day in the life video. 

Another mistake we often see in our competitor’s videos is relying on a single camera setup. The actions and movements of victims and their caregivers are often unpredictable. We have found the use of multiple cameras results in a superior work product. 

“Mediation Videos”
Unlike our competition, TortVideo does not rely on a voice-over narrator to tell the opposing side how they should react and think. Our philosophy is to use actual case participants relating their personal or professional account of the events. Typical elements of our productions include; pre-morbid and post-accident photos/videos, medical interviews, surgeries, graphics, plaintiff and lay witness interviews, as well as day in the life scenes. These elements are then meticulously weaved together to make a powerful and emotional video. This narrative serves as a condensed version of what a jury will see and hear if the case fails to resolve before trial. 

“How We Work, How We Bill” 
Typically, TortVideo collects a small retainer when a new production begins. Our experience and expertise allows us to work independently, this leaves the trial attorney freedom to litigate the case while we put together a turnkey product. We understand that every case can be time consuming and expensive. Whether the case resolves in 30 days, or 30 months, you don’t pay until the case is over! 


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Produced over 1,000 personal injury and wrongful death documentaries.


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Our videos influenced over a billion dollars in verdicts and settlements.



Over 30 years as a film and video producer.



We work with highly regarded trial attorneys in the United States.


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Kent Post

Director/ Producer

E: tortvideo@hotmail.com
T: (305) 978-5030

Kent Post started documenting catastrophic personal injury cases in 1981 while preparing for his thesis at The University of Miami Film School. Utilizing his student crew, Kent produced “A Day In The Life Of A Quadriplegic”. The 16mm BxW film was shown to a Dade County Jury, who rendered at that time, a record multi-million dollar verdict. Kent immediately founded his production company specializing in personal injury and wrongful death. With over 30 years as a film and video producer, he has produced over 1,000 personal injury and wrongful death documentaries, resulting in billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. He has worked with and learned from some of the most highly regarded trial attorneys in the country.

Raul de la Cruz

Editor / Cameraman

Raul de la Cruz joined Tort Video in 2005 and teamed with Kent Post in building a state of the art editing studio.

Prior to joining our team, Raul worked for many years as a cameraman and Editor for several major networks, including NBC and Univision. Raul is currently the Director of Tort Video’s Commercial and Industrial Division.Raul is a highly accomplished Cinematographer, and has been behind the camera on hundreds of Commercial and Industrial Videos. Raul recently filmed a highly acclaimed promotional video for Kelley Uustal, a long time client of Tort Video. In addition, Raul has been instrumental in developing “Day in the Life” lighting and camera techniques in the production of our documentaries.

Devin Moore

Associate Producer

Devin Moore joined the Tort Video team in 2011 upon graduating from the University of Miami with degrees in Film and History.

Since that time he has served as an associate producer and editing studio manager. He has been instrumental in the completion of over 300 documentaries. These have facilitated settlements and verdicts in excess of 500 Million dollars. Devin has also developed several new filming techniques for adapting to various specialized client perspectives. His point of view shots for wheelchairs and other motorized vehicles have been highly successful in telling the victim’s story.


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